PATRIETTES is a new musical comedy television project about a mock state government summer camp program for rising high school senior girls. Those honored with the nomination to attend Junior Patriettes Model State compete for college scholarships by running for office in a high stakes simulated state government experience - singing and cheering required. This satirical hour long comedy featuring original pop songs highlights the most cutthroat kind of politics – high school politics. Our take on this world focuses on what it means for a young woman to give voice to her beliefs.


Our story is inspired by our diverse camp experiences in programs such as ALA Girls State, Speech & Debate, Model Congress, Mock Trial, Model UN and also traditional summer camp.


The project is led by a team of accomplished, emerging women filmmakers, read more below. PATRIETTES has been a part of the Tank's 2014-15 TV Writing Program in New York City. 


Where can I check it out?

PATRIETTES is a work in progress. We are  currently fundraising to shoot a pilot presentation in August 2015. We've launched a Kickstarter campaign here, and we'll be releasing a variety of content on Facebook, Twitter, and in our Kickstarter updates, including songs, videos, and pictures.

What's With All the Women?

We have assembled a team of accomplished, emerging women filmmakers to bring PATRIETTES to life. We are committed to a women-driven team telling this story because of the under-representation of women generated and focused projects in film and television, as highlighted by the recent ACLU investigation into discrimination against women in Hollywood.  Through storytelling as well as hiring practices, we intend to give voice to women and girls while creating a hilarious, broad-reaching, and thoughtful piece of new creative work.